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Classified Ads Site Can Provide Fashion Options Too
July 29, 2020 Posted by: Admin

Classified Ads Site Can Provide Fashion Options Too

The tradition of adorning oneself with jewelry has been a traditional custom in India. Both men and women have an affliction towards wearing different kinds of jewellery. The items which women wear are more than that of men. Not only are there different types of jewellery but there are different materials as well in those. Very expensive metals like diamond, platinum, gold are used and inexpensive materials like recast steel, cotton thread, clay, flowers etc are also used to create beautiful pieces. 

There are various pieces available on the free classified ads posting site in India which can be mixed and matched with the different kinds of attires, which again are wide spread across various regions throughout the country. So, let us have a look at the various kinds available:

Antique Jewellery – These are pieces which are no longer in common use and were parts of the wardrobe of our previous generations. These are usually passed down as heritage from elders to the young ones of the family. These carry an old – world charm and that becomes the unique factor of these pieces.

Beaded Jewellery – Again, these were available in ancient India and were either expensive or inexpensive pieces with a high aesthetic value attached. Gold, silver, copper, clay and even wood are used in these. It gives a very rustic look and is preferred with traditional attires. These are still in production in different pockets of the country and are widely available on the classified submission site in India. 

Fashion Jewellery – These also go by the name of costume jewellery. It is mainly because these look as if these are made out of expensive metals like gold but are not. These are polished very well and are made up of lighter and cheaper metals. These are widely used by men and women across the country and are perhaps the most popular kind. Due to its vast availability, unique designs, reasonable prices, adjustability with all kinds of attire, these are preferred more than all the other kinds, at least on a daily basis, by the huge Indian middle class population.
Handmade Jewellery – There are various independent craftsmen who are very efficient at making such pieces. They use this platform as well to sell their creations. As they do not use the traditional channels of marketing and selling, so a free classified ads posting site in India comes in very handy to them.

Silver Jewellery – This is also very popular among the Indian men and women. Women wear various pieces like bangles, earrings, neck pieces, rings, toe rings, anklets, nose rings and more. Men also wear pieces like neck chains, ear studs, bracelets, rings. This is not too expensive and goes well with all kinds of attire, be it the traditional type or the modern wear. Silver jewellery has always been a significant part of the Indian culture. All regions have specific designs which are local to the areas of manufacturing. 

Tribal Jewellery – There are many makers of tribal jewellery who deal with their products on the classified submission site in India. There are various indigenous tribes all across the huge country. Their styles are unique and have been preserved through ages by their ethnic inclination. Gradually their style of jewellery making has made its way to the modern markets and there are manufacturers who produce these, in small batches and market those online as well now.

It is very easy to post such jewellery in the classified sites and gain a free marketplace where buyers can meet sellers and get into an easy transaction.

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