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Artificial intelligence can find you a job!   We hear stories about how AI will take our jobs away, but did you know we can also use AI to find you a job? Yes. QWER uses advanced artificial intelligence to Find Jobs in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide.    Karthik Malla, the founder of the Australian start-up QWER, founded the start-up when he was Australian-Indian. QWER uses futuristic technology to add to the job search experience.   About QWER   QWER uses Artificial Intelligence and complex algorithms to identify and display the best candidates almost instantly. QWER understands a company's need and, using a machine learning algorithm, determines and sorts the most qualified candidates instantly.   QWER helps employers cut recruitment costs and helps candidates find jobs more quickly and directly without the need for active job search. When vacancies are posted, QWER's recruitment team will get your CV, which the recruiters will review manually.   Why QWER   QWER enables you to get a job by sending out a few clicks rather than thousands of applications.   You don't even need a resume when you work with us. QWER guides you step-by-step to build a stellar resume that looks great, is easy to read, and is seamlessly delivered.   No matter what type of job you are seeking, QWER can help you locate it for no effort at all.    QWER is your ticket to Australia if you live in Australia or plan to work in Australia shortly on a work visa.    https://qwer.com.au/jobs/in/canberra Visit Us: 2/23 Foster St2/23 Foster St Surry Hills NSW Email: hello@qwer.com.au Call Now: +61 405 382 886

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2/23 Foster St Surry Hills NSW

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(91) 0405382886

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